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Top Content Marketing Blogs

There’s a huge amount of content marketing blogs appearing at the moment so I thought I’d put a list together of the top ones that I use regularly as useful sources of information, techniques, tactics and tips. I hope you find it useful!

Content marketing is being talked about as being the red thread that will finally connect SEO, PR and Social Media marketing, and provide an integrated solution around the creation, distribution and promotion of online content. It goes by many names including inbound marketing, earned media marketing and, my least favourite one, transmedia marketing. Transmedia. Really? That’s particularly vague.

In fact all these terms aren’t that descriptive, including content marketing really, it’s a term that’s been around for decades to describe branded publishing. I probably shouldn’t be saying that as I describe Quad as a content marketing agency, but all these terms are attempts at describing a blend of different tactics and strategies to get our clients or companies results. What these definitions actually describe is the integration of new and traditional communication channels to connect and engage with prospects and existing customers through providing valuable information that puts a brand within the circle of interest of online users.

This page is all about the content marketing blogs, inbound marketing blogs, earned media blogs and even the transmedia marketing blogs out there right now. I’ll update this list as and when I find new ones or fall out of love with old ones.

  1. Content Marketing Institute – The Grandaddy of content marketing resources. This site is amazing. If you can’t find the information about content marketing your looking for here then it probably doesn’t exist.
  2. The Quad Digital blog – Whilst this is a new entrant on the scene in terms of age, Quad has years of experience in content marketing and is a leading UK content marketing agency. Check it out for some innovative thinking in optimising webspace and building profitable audiences
  3. Web Ink Now – David Meerman Scott is the author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR and is a truly inspirational content marketing philosopher
  4. Feverbee – Richard Millington is like the Gandalf of community management, albeit much, much younger! This blog is so packed with community management wisdom it should hoot.
  5. Copyblogger – Lots of great information on content marketing techniques and tactics from these guys
  6. TopRank Blog – Lee Odden’s blog is a huge database of all sorts of wonderful tips and tricks for online marketing.
  7. Post-Advertising – This site describes itself as being chronicles of brand storytelling and content marketing in the post-advertising age, and that’s exactly what it is.
  8. ideaLaunch – Good source of on growing businesses the content marketing way
  9. Engage – Lots of fantastic contributors make this blog a must read regarding content marketing strategy
  10. Marketing Interactions – Although the design could definitely do with an upgrade, the content in this blog is definitely worth reading
  11. PR20/20 – Paul Roetzer’s agency’s blog is always spot on with it’s insights into integrated content marketing
  12. Sparksheet – a very pink, but useful resource for all things content, media and marketing
  13. Blind Five Year Old – This is a fantastic source of really thought out commentary on the online marketing world from well-known search specialist A.J. Kohn.

As I say, I’ll keep adding to this list so if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments and I’ll have a look.