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  • Brad Roberts says:

    Firstly Gus, there’s no need to apologise for hogging my twitter stream.

    The two biggest fails I see here is one of customer service – for a Vodafone representative to take control and follow through to a full and fair resolution, regardless of department and in a timely manner?

    Fail number two, why are they not monitoring their own twitter feed and been briefed on reputation management? I mean, why not take the conversation offline to resolve, because if you don’t, then you need to deal with it here and now…

    Now it looks like nobody is going to pick up your complaint online does it?

  • Jenny says:

    Hi Gus,

    I’m sorry to see the difficulties you’ve been facing to get this resolved.

    I’ve looked into this for you and this has been escalated through Customer Relations and were working to get a solution as soon as possible, as your phone is still out of stock.

    The Customer Relations team will be in touch as soon as they have any news.

    Kind regards,

    Web Relations Team
    Vodafone UK

    • Gus Ferguson says:

      Thanks Jenny. But I think you’re taking the piss. The whole of Vodafone UK doesn’t have an iPhone 4S? I’m sure if I wanted to buy one there would be plenty around, am I right?

      This is the same crap that I’ve been getting from Vodafone for weeks! It’s meaningless. Nothing has happened following the previous inane platitudes I’ve had from you.

      Not only is this useless, it’s also incredibly disingenuous, as do you, for one second, believe that I think that this is a comment aimed at me? One that will bring me back to your brand as I’m feeling so valued a customer that I just can’t resist your wily, virtually anonymous, vapid charms?

      This is yet another meaningless response that is put out by rote as part of your dysfunctional social media strategy aimed, not at me, the victim, but at the 1000s of people who are coming to this page to read about how badly Vodafone has treated a customer. You realise that’s going to annoy anyone right?

      It shows a complete misunderstanding of how social media works… you’re pouring petrol on the flames with this kind of response.

      All I want is a phone please.

    • Gary Smith says:

      Haha, this is awesome. I work for a University and we’ve got a contract with o2 and Vodafone. Was looking at putting out 10x new iPads on the Vodafone contract. I think I’ll file this under “No chance”.

      What a load of cretins.

    • Judith says:

      Wow… that is totally taking the piss Vodaphone. I should move my contract

  • Raza says:

    Horrible mate, been there so many times. These mobile companies and gym memberships, they often have miserable customer service, but the way they have made you wait for that long, your frustration is justified.

  • and I though that Kevin Bacon was the centre of the universe ;-)

  • I understand your frustrations. I think its pretty disgraceful for Vodafone to sell you an insurance policy and then essentially not honour it for more than a month.

    If they haven’t got any in stock, they should just be sending you a new one, like for like.

    I’d be demanding a full refund for the last calendar month, on top of the replacement phone.

  • Kevin says:

    Obviously looking into this surely it would make sense to send you a brand new phone?

    I guess any phone which had the same features like the iPhone would do?

    I cannot understand why they have made no effort, and then leaving a comment which is a normal generic response is even worse!

    • Gus Ferguson says:

      Absolutely… It’s beyond belief. I pay extra for a business account. I pay insurance. I’m not expecting them to come and hand-deliver a new one the moment it’s stolen, but I do expect, for the money I’ve been giving them, to get a new phone pretty quickly!

      They’ve been taking the piss all the way through this fiasco. I could have made some noise earlier, but gave them the benefit of the doubt… until they lied to me repeatedly saying it was a third party suppliers fault and nothing they could do. Which turned out to be rubbish.

  • Ray says:

    I would inform them that you are about to start a small claim against them. Find out what your losses are likely to be for the absence of a business phone for a month, then add you time wasted on this debacle and initiate a small claim against them.

    I think they’ll jump through hoops to stop a successful CCJ

  • Andy Owen says:

    Big man, reading through this I’m astonished that you’ve had to suffer the incompetence of not just a particular person in a CS department that, usually, gets resolved on “escalation” but a whole BRAND – incredible!! My favourite part is the fobbing you off to a 3rd party bit…… Washing their hands of all responsibility!! Genius marketing…. A

  • Flippin’ heck… Sadly not too surprised but appalled nonetheless. Will definitely keep following and sharing. Are they charging you for this time you don’t even have a phone?

    This would be a good opportunity for another operator to help you out, a brand new phone (no refurb!) and free switch.

    How about a FB page? A Pinterest one for pics from disgruntled customers? A competition for a best ‘#Vodafail’ video?

    Have been considering doing something similar with Sainsburys…



  • Nick Garner says:

    Vodafone have also messed me around to the point where I have migrated to 3. In my case had 600 mins call time on my account @ £25 a month,

    One month i made a lot of short calls, totaling about 400 mins. I then got a bill for £190 for the month.The upshot was that even if i had a call for 1 second I would be billed for one minute…and so i got slammed with this bill. Fortunately i was SIM only and so i told them to *uck off and went elsewhere.

    The common point with Gus’s situation is how they aren’t upfront about the small print and so mess you around when you need to claim or whatever.

    In general I think Vodafone sucks and Gus’s story reiterates why I will never use them again.

  • Chris Schutrups says:

    Vodafone are the worst company in the world, a load of incompetent useless idiots.

    I still have a problem with a default they out on my credit file over a manager not correcting a mistake by them.

    I complained to the customer complaints team, which can only be done online. I had no response at all. They were nice enough to pay everything off as a goodwill gesture (£850) but have left me with a default which will stop me remortgaging!

    I’m with T mobile now, excellent company!

  • Gus, this is nothing short of abysmal.

    It just goes to show how poorly some companies understand the value of social media.

    You often hear debate around how it’s difficult to measure ROI of social media efforts, although the ROI of this debacle should be relatively easy to calculate for Vodafone UK, all the more so as I see you now have two front page rankings for Vodafone UK business account.

    Personally, I’ve never been with Vodafone, and, guess what? I never will be now.

    Sadly, I have seen that many companies are now more focussed on customer acquisition than on customer retention. I waited for 45 minutes on hold to leave O2 a couple of weeks ago…

  • VINNIE says:

    I could tell a very similar story , i just don’t have the energy anymore.
    Have been dealing with Vodafone for the past three MONTHS trying to sort out my tariffs and bills , which all got messed up by them when i ( in a moment of madness ) took out another contract with them in November.
    They have now transferred me to a ” specialist team ” which has basically told me to stop calling over the same issue or i will be classified as a annoyance and my accounts suspended indefinitely.
    So now i am stuck paying whatever the choose is the right tariff according to them and am desperately waiting till my contracts run out , one by one , and i will HAPPILY CANCEL EVERY ONE OF THEM WITH THE GREATEST OF JOY , and THEN phone this ” specialist team ” and give them a piece of my mind , and it won’t be pretty.

    What a despicable , shameful ,ungrateful way to treat ” Customers ” on which a business is SUPPOSED to rely on .

  • VINNIE says:

    As for this campaign you want to start Gus , count me in !! I can not even begin to explain the way i have been treated by Vodafone .
    I have tried to contact their UK Regional Customer Relations Manager Stefan Langkamp , seems the last thing on his mind is ” Customer Relations ”

    The concept of Customer — Company — Relations ,does not seem to exist anymore at Vodafone !!

  • Pter M says:

    Vodafone…Customer relations ha, ha, ha

    While in Brazil my Brazilian girlfriend received some call on my vodafone mobile phone (I told her not to use the phone) Anyway,

    Bill £279
    I cut the SIM card up

    I started to have this bill paid at £18 per month standing order starting in January, I could not afford any more than this.

    Vodafone say the sent me communication to my UK address…Vodafone knew I was in Brazil…because I did not answer vodafone letters (they failed to email me and knew full well I was in Brazil) the employed the services of a debt collection agency (even though I was paying the outstanding bill.

    the Bill has now increased to £330 due to debt collection agency charges

    Beware of Vodaphone when I try to contact them all I get is their very low paid hirelings in India which amounts to a very low service.

    No point in trying to contact Vodafone they have said the account is closed….even though I am paying for their service until August 2013…




  • Tich says:

    I used to work for vf outsource a company now called webhelptsc used to be called herotsc, left due to inside politics and pure lazy c__ts. I was in payg, nightmare for minimum wage.
    Herd managers say “if it gets too busy start hanging up on every 3rd call” looks like you were the 3rd call for over a month.
    How to be beat them. When you get that text asking if your call was resolved always say no, would you recommend vf always put a zero the lowest score, this is the NPS, net promoter’s score, all networks have it and are judged by it, last year O2 were top and vf 3rd think virgin were 2nd, not sure, orange and t-mobile were way down the list.
    Once the NPS scores drops they will take notice, however they won’t take notice of a few it needs to be lots, like 10000s
    Best of luck and get your accounts manager to move to O2 as they and vf will be using the same masts soon so will be the same signal.
    Ah Ra Best
    Big T

  • Ben says:

    Happened to my cousin BUT he couldn’t claim insurance because, get this, he failed to inform them or get a police report within 24 hours!!! Jokes!! Sorry to hear about your troubles but it shows persistence pays off!

  • Karen Appleton says:

    Hi Gus,

    I thought I was the only one with a problem with Vodafone. Obviously not.
    I purchased a contract with vodafone for 2 years @ £38 per month. After 10 days they cancelled my contract. When I contacted them stating I wanted my contract reinstating so that I could use my phone they informed me that they had put it as a PAYG and to top it up. After 4 hrs of calls. 4 call takers putting the phone down on me and being told my number no longer exists I am at the end if my tether. I have written a 7 page letter which I have had no response to and tried to email the CEO. I am still without my phone and have received numerous bills for charges for using my phone which I can’t use. Any advice?

  • Nina Czemerys says:

    Hi Gus

    I only came across this rant because I was looking to see who Vodafone’s courier company was and found this instead. Much better reading. I too am having a ‘nightmare’ with Vodafone – 10years of loyalty to this pathetic brand. Want an upgrade? get someone in the UK… someone freindly, helpful… even playful’ have a problem with the phone once you’ve received it? go to Delhi where they read off call sheets and continuaniually apologise and ‘understand’ your frustrations. In the last month I have called Vodafone at least 10 times for an average 20-40min call. My phone is now in the mail room waiting to be collected…. I didn’t know it was being collected until the mail room called me to say someone was stood there waiting to collect my phone! Really? what now? but I didn’t know you were coming? I was told that I would receive an envelope and a text from Vodafone when they planned to send someone. I spoke to the courier in person. No problem, he said, I will come back tomorrow – famous last words…. so I deleted my info from my phone and now have no phone…. it’s in a box waiting to be collected… still waiting – I’m still paying for it though! what to do, what to do. I know I have to call them but the thought of explaining the whole process again makes me want to weep – any advice!!??

  • Sam says:

    Same problem, and i just want to add to it because someone will read it and it will save them from going to nightmares as we do.

    Vodafone lives on presumptions of their own which is that every thing is perfectly fine. They couldn’t solve the network problem I had at my previous address in 5 months while on daily bases they would tell me that it will be fixed in 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days 5 days, one week etc while on their network coverage map it was showing perfect. I moves home and have the same problem since last 1 month and again the network coverage map show everything perfect indoor and outdoor for my address. They told me that they have some “unexpected issues” in the area which they are working on and can’t tell me the time it will take them to fix the issue. But i am sure that the don’t know how many years in will take them or even if the will be able to fix it at all and i seriously doubt they are doing anything at all coz it should have been fixed in 5 moths in my previous address.

    I complained about it to ombudsman and i received a letter today stating that their decision is in favour of vodafone because they i can still make calls form some places.

    i really have my doubts about the independent of ombudsman too. because i have signed up for a service and why would they expect me to pay full just because i am getting something no matter everything.

  • Gaz says:

    I just want to give a brief account of my difficulties with Voda.
    I suspended my three lines after misplacing my devices which were on contract. The next day I found them so I called Voda to request to have the suspension lifted. It is an easy procedure to remove a suspension however, Voda sent me in circles, were highly unhelpful, rude, nasty, sarcastic with no intention of reinstating my lines even though I am paying for them.
    I made over 20 calls to Voda. They also fobbed me off and gave me the stand answer that there was nothing they could do! They tried fobbing me off with pretending that the One net call centre was in Africa, then they had no spiral address then it was a technical fault then it had already been reinstated days ago, then it would take another 24 hours , the. It would take another 72 hours to reinstate and so the excuses went on and on.
    I still have no lines and the screen on my device clearly display “no gs carrier” the carrier being Voda.
    Had anyone else had similar difficulties?

    • Gaz says:

      I have had a rotten tine with Voda and the rubbish keeps going on. I still have no lines and there is no sign that Voda intend to reinstate them. There is no postal address for One Net and they don’t release names of advisors who are dealing with queries. After 25 calls I am still told that if I want to speak to someone it has to be through dialling 191 ……. There is no customer service from this company and I have been fed lie after lie by CS advisors as well as more senior personnel.
      My advice would be to stay away from Voda at all costs.
      Thanks for reading my post.

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